Dear Agony Auncles,

I have many problems, from relationships, work, politics, to the meaning of life. Can I get scientific (if somewhat inadvisably applied) advice from real scientists? Can I ask my own questions live? And since I’ve got money worries, could it be free? Yours,


Dear Fringegoer,

You’re in luck. A panel of physicists, engineers, biologists, science communicators and more from the Science Showoff Talent Factory set up every night at Bar Bados as part of PBH’s Free Fringe. They answered questions submitted online and by our live audience, using their scientific knowledge, however inapplicable it may be. A fabulous MC will keep them in line, while special guests will prevent anyone getting too comfortable.

Can science solve everything, or indeed anything at all? Let’s find out.

Your Agony Auncle

PS. If you can’t make it to Edinburgh you can listen to selected recorded episodes here, and more gigs will come up...

Agony Auncles was on every night of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at

at Bar Bados, venue 281

through the PBH Free Fringe

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